Metals & Finishes


We have attempted to describe each item we sell as either an “Historic Reproduction”, or Historically Inspired.” We hope this will answer questions about the status of any particular piece.

We will use this term to describe those items which have been researched, documented and reproduced employing period appropriate techniques, tools and materials. (Please keep in mind, however, that some materials are not available now, or are nearly impossible to obtain and substitute materials must, be found.)


We will use this term to describe those items which “could have been”, but for which there is no documentation. These items are made in .a period style, using appropriate tools, techniques and materials. They are inspired by antique originals, but may be a composite of several period examples.


We use only the finest, heavy gauge copper and brass. Copper and brass used for cookware will be tin lined (please see note on FOOD SAFETY).


Our tin is a reproduction itself! It is manufactured by an American steel mill to 200 year old specifications. It is not “Tern Plate”, but 100% true tin and is completely FOOD SAFE (although it will rust if not cared for properly).


The tin we use for lining is PURE FOOD GRADE TIN, and is 100% FOOD SAFE. We tin line very carefully so there are never any bare spots.


All items are sold “unfinished”, that is, they are cleaned and given a light application of mineral oil to protect them. The mineral oil may be left on the item, or simply washed off in warm soapy water.


We can antique any item. Please call to discuss your needs. The price will be 10% of the item price.


All brass and copper cookware is tin lined for safety. Copper and brass cookware that is unlined and not kept VERY clean can develop VERDIGRIS when in contact with certain foods. VERDIGRIS is a POISON. Never use any copper or brass cookware that has turned GREEN, this is verdigris. All our cookware is TIN LINED with FOOD GRADE PURE TIN and will not develop verdigris.


We can usually repair our own work – but we can’t perform miracles! Please call for consultation and estimate before sending a piece for repairs.


In most cases, a piece can be re-tined,.but occasionally a piece is so badly damaged that re-tinning is not possible, or other damage has been done that make repairs too costly. Please call for consultation before sending an item to be re-tined.

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