Treenware & Baskets

Even those on the very fringes of European settlement could purchase a wide variety of native and imported food products. Where ever there was a need, there was a clever entrepreneur rushing to fill it. Shipping routes were established, and trade flourished across the globe, bringing even exotic products such as pineapple, coconut and chocolate to the frontier and beyond as trade goods. In a land where everything was new, people anticipated the arrival of each vessel and the opportunity to discover foods from all over the world.


treenware and baskets



Probably found in more abundance than anything else in any given household. Inexpensive, versatile, easy to clean, durable, even wealthy homes would have wooden bowls, pot lids, spoons and plates of every size and description. Baskets were used for everything from shopping, to harvesting, to laundry. In many homes, the treenware would be carved by the man of the house. Far from crude, he would display his best workmanship and put as much pride into a wooden spoon as in a engraved powder horn. The baskets may be woven by the women of the house, a skill passed down to them through generations. The baskets would be strong, yet beautiful. Each style uniquely suited to it’s task.

It was also possible to purchase these products, and there were many busy basket weavers and wood workers in America.

The following is a collection of hand turned maple utensils. We recommend that only wooden utensils be used with ant tin- lined cookware. We have not documented these pieces, but feel any would be appropriate for the 17th and 18th centuries.

T – 0135 HANDLED ROLLING PIN(maple, 18″) $20.00
T – 0136 FRENCH ROLLING PIN (maple, 22″) $20.00
T – 0137 DIPPER (maple, 4 1/2″) $12.00
T – 0138 SCOOP (maple, 5″) $11.00
T – 0139 TURNER (maple, 10″) $8.00
T – 0140 FANCY TURNED SPOON(maple, 12″) $12.50
T – 0141 POTATO MASHER (maple, 13″) $21.00
T – 0142 SMALL BISCUIT CUTTER(maple, 2″) $7.50
T – 0143 LARGE BISCUIT CUTTER (maple, 2 3/4″) $8.50
T – 0144 VOYAGER’s CUP (maple, 6″) $16.00
T – 0145 LADLE (maple, 12″) $17.50
T – 0146 SET OF THREE SPOONS (maple, 10″, 12″, 14″) $39.00