For the finest in handmade historic reproduction cookware, lighting, glassware, woodenware, and much more. Retail/Wholesale.

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Goose Bay Workshops LLC has been providing museum quality reproductions to collectors, historic sites, museums, re-enactors and the movie industry for over a decade.

Every copper, tin, and brass item we offer is carefully researched and handmade by master metal smith Peter Goebel. Each piece is created with the strictest eye towards authenticity, quality and craftsmanship. To that end, Peter employs only those methods, tools and materials consistent with 18th century metal working. This is a time consuming process, but the results are well worth the wait! When you commission work from Peter, you can be certain you are getting the finest reproduction available!

Because all work is handmade, no two items will be exactly alike, but the craftsmen ship that goes into each piece is identical!

Over the years, our list of satisfied customers has grown to include many historic sites, such as Fortress Louisburg in Nova Scotia, Plymouth Plantation, Pennsbury Manor, Gunston Hall, Fort Niagara, Sutter’s Fort and many others. We urge you to patronize these sites and keep history alive! We have also worked with the film industry with such clients as Walt Disney Studios, Jim Henson Productions and 20th Century Fox on popular movies.

Goose Bay Workshops is proud to offer the work of other fine craftspeople working in glass, wood and other mediums. you may be sure that the quality of their work meets our high standards!

We hope you enjoy browsing our site. We are in the process of adding color images so that our products may better speak for themselves. If you have any questions concerning an item please feel free to call, or use our contact form and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our work.