Cooking at the Hearth

Many customers call us, undecided as to which kettle would be appropriate for them. The names given these kettles has something to do with their origins, but has little to do with who purchased them. Remember the word “TRADE”. They were manufactured primarily for trade. Who were they traded to? Anywhere there was a market for them, which means ever where! “English” kettles have been found at French sites. “French” kettles have been found at English sites. (We came across a letter from Plymouth Colony to their agent requesting “kettles of the French style”). As far as our research shows, what trade kettle you choose is what appeals to you!



WIRE RIM TRADE KETTLEHistoric reproduction. This is a fully documented museum quality reproduction kettle. This kettle was popular for over 300 years. Traded by the English in North America from the 17th to the 19th century. This kettle is made entirely by hand in the exact manner of the originals. It is battery built, hammered an spun. The hand forged iron bail is attached with authentic dog ear brackets and rivets. A 1/4″steel wire is rolled in the rim. This brass kettle is, in most cases more authentic for the period than cast iron. (Cast iron of the period was brittle and easily broken. It was also very heavy and difficult to clean.) This is probably the most common style of kettle recovered at 17th, 18th an early 19th century sites across North America! We are offering this kettle in tin-lined brass, tin-lined copper, and in two sizes. We also offer various ear options. (See descriptions). Available in .050 brass & .032 brass.

Dated: 17th to early 19th century
Origin: English for trade in North America
Material: tin-lined brass, tin-lined copper, iron, steel
Large:5″deep X 9″ rim x 7″dia. at base 2 1/21b Capacity: 1 gallon
Small: 4″deep X 6 1/2″dia. at top X 5 1/4″dia at base. Capacity 6 cup


Small Copper Wire Rim Trade Kettle X-0274-TLC $130.00
Large Copper Wire Rim Trade Kettle X-02730-TLC $175.00
Small Brass Wire Rim Trade Kettle X-0276-TLB $130.00
Large Brass Wire Rim Trade Kettle X-0275-TLB $175.00




You also need to choose from the following rivets. Price will be added to the kettle but does no show in the shopping cart.

Standard Rivet_______________$00.00
Hand Rolled Copper Rivets_____$20.00
Patch with Rolled Rivets_______$65.00
Hammered Surface Rivets______$30.00



Small Copper Iron Band Trade Kettle X-0281-TLC $150.00
Large Copper Iron Band Trade Kettle X-0280-TLC $199.0
Small Brass Iron Band Trade Kettle X-0283-TLB $150.00
Large Brass Iron Band Trade Kettle X-0282-TLB $199.00




Historic reproduction. This is a fully documented, museum quality reproduction of a 17th century or original. This kettle is made entirely by hand in the exact manner of the original; that is, battery built, hand hammered and spun. Available in .050 brass, .032 brass, or copper. (Please see descriptions) Also available with patch, rolled copper rivets and hammered surface. (See descriptions) This kettle has a hand forged iron rim attached to the kettle rim with rivets. The rim incorporates the iron ears. It has a hand forged iron bail. In tin lined brass or copper. Available in two sizes. These kettles would have been much more common than cast iron during this period. This kettle is sometimes known as French kettle, but that is a misleading term. We have not determined that the French were the only ones making this style, and we do know that they were traded to many other nations . We have documentation that the Plymouth Colony (very English requested that their agent send them “kettle in the French style”.

Dated: 17th to early 19th century
Origin: French for trade in North America
Materials: tin-lined brass, tin-lined copper, iron
Large:5″deep x 9″dia. at rim 7″dia. at base Weight 2 1/21b. Capacity 1 gallon.
Small:4″deep x 6 1/2″dia. at rim x 5 1/4″ dia. at base, Capacity 6 cups



Corn-Boilers-1340557623Historically inspired. Although this pot is not documented, it was created in response to our customers who wanted a pot similar to the hinged lid American Civil War boiler but more correct for the 18th century. Each element of our corn boiler has been researched and is a documented 18th style. We combined these elements to create a very versatile pot. Then, we made it in three sizes to accommodate different needs! Constructed of heavy gauge copper, with a sturdy wire rim, a bail on the pot and a ring on the lid. The pot and the lid are both tin lined! The lid has a very deep dome, which serves many of our customers as a bowl! 3 sizes will nest.

Dated: 18th century style
Origin: various
Dimensions: LARGE: 5 1/2″dia. x 5 1/4″tall. 8 cups.
MEDIUM: 4 1/2″dia. x 5″tall. 4 cups.
SMALL: 3″dia. x 3 3/4″tall. 1 1/2 cups.



Historically inspired. We have no documentation for this pot, but so many requests for a large capacity pot that we just had to come up with one! Straight sided pot such as these were common in the 18th century. Our version is constructed of heavy copper and tin lined. It has a sturdy rolled edge and strong brackets to hold the hand wrought iron bail. It includes a copper lid with ring – also tin lined. This is the pot you need if you are cooking for a crowd!

Dated: 18th century style
Origin: various
Materials: copper, tin, iron
Dimensions: 2 gallon





18th coffee pot72

Historically inspired. We used George Washington’s set of cook pots for our inspiration! The General’s were made of tin, we made ours of copper. Like Washington’s, ours are cramped seamed, with riveted sockets to accept removable hand turned wooden handles. The lids have rings. The pots and lids are tin lined. These pots will nest together, with the handles stored separately. These pots have no bails, as they were designee to be used on a brazier. A very nice set of pots that are just right for traveling!

Dated: 18th century
Origin: English/American
Materials: copper, tin, various wood as available
Dimensions: LARGE: 6″dia. x 7″tall
MEDIUM: 5″dia. x 6 l/2″tall
SMALL: 4 1/2″dia. x 6″tall