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Great Place for History Buffs★★★★★ (5/5)

I came across an ancient coffee pot at a friend’s place a few weeks ago and literally begged her for this magnificent “antique” piece. I am an antique lover, you see, until she told me it is a brand new coffee pot, which she ordered from Goose Bay Workshops. The workmanship is unbelievable and that is what this company specializes in, they manufacture historic reproductions. Obviously would I not allow anyone to use my newly acquired “antiques” although they are fully useable and not only meant as showpieces.

Linda Mendi Artist 13/03/2015

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They Made My Event Sparkle★★★★★ (5/5)

When the head of the company called me into the office and said he wanted something that would rock the show, I knew I was in for something big. All my previous events were rock solid and everybody was always impressed, but to top all the other events I had to come up with something different. The people of Goose bay workshops made sure my Tempobet event stood out in its Historic glory. They suggested I go more for glass than any other product and all I did was stood back and allowed them to make suggestions as to what would work best. I had a noble event that would make Napoleon proud.

Obed Musir Event Coordinator 13/04/2015

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The Only Place I will buy Baskets From!★★★★★ (5/5)

We all have baskets, or probably most of us do anyway. The problem I have noticed through the years however is that baskets are getting more expensive and much weaker than in the old days. I am from the generation where my mother would put our weekly shopping purchases straight from the market, into the basket. Then I came across Goose Bay Workshops, I was actually looking at silverware when I saw they have magnificent woven baskets in all shapes and sizes. I was quite surprised at the rest of their collections as they even stock hand turned maple utensils. What a dream come true for anyone who loves the “old” days, with beautiful collections, strong and affordable!

Ana Mendoza Artist 13/05/2015

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The Best In The industry★★★★★ (5/5)

I am a difficult man to please as I have difficult customers to please. Each year when I head to the stores to get equipment, sets and more for the end of the year show at our club, it is pure agony. Until I found Goose Bay Workshops last year. Now I cannot wait for the end of the year and all those other shows in-between. When I read that they provide reproductions I could not believe my luck, no more thrift stores and antique stores and begging workers to come up with something “useable”, when I can use Goose Bay, great people, highly recommended! Trbetegir

Cilo Green Show Director 21/06/2015

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Absolute Brilliance★★★★★ (5/5)

I never thought a company such as Goose Bay Workshops would really be interested in helping me with such a small project as the one I had in mind. I just wanted something simple, yet different for my display that I wanted to rig for Casinomaxi. All the displays that I saw that was ready made at other places simply did not attract my attention, so how would I get others to look at my display. These people came up with a brilliant idea on how to compliment and showcase my event brilliantly.

Zeynep Özdemir SEO Consultant 21/09/2015